Sunday 11 August 2013

K7 OF 9

What do you get if you cross a K9 with loads of old computer circuit boards, K7 of 9.
Sorry for all you K9 purists but it had to be done, I was board with the standard K9 and wanted something different. The Borg add ons are simply old computer circuit boards painted Black and added to K9. I cut out a few pannels here and their to give a more assimilated look and added a number of micro servos which also provide the Borg servos implant look. All the servos including the ears run from a Pololu Maestro board and run a simple sequence, it saves me truing to operate a further six servos from the radio.I have also added some new LED lighting, best bet is to check out the video to see him at an recent event. I will upload some more mood photos in the next week or so.

Thursday 1 November 2012

Power meters

K9 was always missing some on board power meters for both the 24v and 12v system. Where as Dalek Caan and Emy use telemetry linked to the DX8, Zoe and K9 are old school with onboard meters. These are very cheap meters of ebay, how long they will last being permanently wired up, only time will tell. They monitor both the 12v and 24v systems.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Huge K9 Makeover

K9 has been a bit neglected over the last few months due to the Dalek build and work on the new Droid. I thought it was time to give the electronics a make over. The original electronics design was more add it and see what happens rather than planned. K9 was a very fast build and as such the electronics were never really thought out fully. In the new design I have completely cut away K9's side panel giving much better access to the new system. The side and top panel will be easily removable when needed. The electronics systems is laid out in a very simple way giving access to everything. The batteries, motors, water system and compressed gas cylinder are all accessible by removing the whole top section leaving the drive unit.
Originally I used two RF units, I am now using one. Before all the LED's were switchable, now they are all running of a single circuit controlled by a single switch. The top panel and under body LED's are now all sound activated. Five circuits, sound, screen, LED, radio and ESC are all independently fused and switched. 
I still need to add some body touch switches to trigger some sounds via touch and need to add some motor cut of switches.
When the side panel is fitted you could not tell K9 has had such a make over. Problem is that I prefer the look when you can see all the electronics, maybe I should have a see through side panel.