Sunday, 11 August 2013

K7 OF 9

What do you get if you cross a K9 with loads of old computer circuit boards, K7 of 9.
Sorry for all you K9 purists but it had to be done, I was board with the standard K9 and wanted something different. The Borg add ons are simply old computer circuit boards painted Black and added to K9. I cut out a few pannels here and their to give a more assimilated look and added a number of micro servos which also provide the Borg servos implant look. All the servos including the ears run from a Pololu Maestro board and run a simple sequence, it saves me truing to operate a further six servos from the radio.I have also added some new LED lighting, best bet is to check out the video to see him at an recent event. I will upload some more mood photos in the next week or so.

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